Possible enhancements

The Django admin offers a rich environment for data editing; we might further evolve our code to provide similar functionalities:

Dynamic default values
accept optional “initial” values from the url parameters in the “add new” view; useful for example to set a parent relation
Check this for inspiration: https://schinckel.net/2013/06/14/django-fieldsets/
Filtered lookup of related models
As ModelAdmin does with formfield_for_foreignkey and formfield_for_manytomany
Support for raw_id_fields
Check https://github.com/lincolnloop/django-dynamic-raw-id/ and https://www.abidibo.net/blog/2015/02/06/pretty-raw_id_fields-django-salmonella-and-django-grappelli/
Support for inlines
Support for autocompletion

Minor issues:

  • Add a localized datepicker in the examples
  • Add a ModelMultipleChoiceField (with multiSelect javascript widget) example in the sample project
  • Accept and optional “next” parameter for redirection after successfull form submission (for standalone pages only)